Columbia Workers’ Compensation Lawyers discuss what to do after a work-related injury. If you are injured on the job in South Carolina, you may be entitled to lost wages, medical expenses, vocational training and more. Most employers in South Carolina are legally required to carry Workers’ Compensation insurance, which exists to compensate workers for job-related injuries and health conditions. There are certain steps that both employer and employee should take immediately following a work-related accident.

Report the Injury

If you have been injured or realize that your health problems or long-term pain stem from your employment, the first thing you should do is notify your employer of your injury in writing. Employers should have a plan that they work from, so that when an accident happens, they know what to do. Following an accident, the area should be immediately secured so that others are not injured.

Seek Medical Care

Employers should have a first aid kit readily on hand to administer first aid after an accident. Class A first aid kits are kits designed to handle common but minor workplace injuries like minor cuts and abrasions. Depending on your occupation, you may require a Class B first aid kit. These are designed to handle injuries in high-risk environments, such as exposure to hazardous chemicals or burns. Class A and Class B first aid kits will also have a Type number:

  • Type I kits are indoor, wall mounted kits
  • Type II kits are indoor, but portable in a box of some type
  • Type III kits are what are known as “mixed use” kits—these tend to be water resistant, and can be either portable, mountable, or both
  • Type IV kits are extremely durable portable outdoor units, made to withstand the elements

It is important to seek medical treatment immediately following an accident. Your employer may have a manager accompany you if needed. After receiving medical treatment, it is important to stay on top of any and all follow-up appointments, and to heed the advice given by your doctor.

File a Workers’ Compensation Claim

Once you have notified your employer and sought medical treatment, request a Workers’ Compensation application, fill out the form, and return it to your supervisor or Human Resources department. You should be contacted by the Workers’ Compensation insurance company to arrange medical care and start workers compensation benefits if the doctor keeps you out of work for the requisite time period.  If this does not happen quickly, contact your employer to see if there is a problem and get their Workers’ Compensation information.  Also, feel free to contact us to see if we can help you.

Seek Assistance of a South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

If your injuries are serious, or if you have been denied Workers’ Compensation benefits, consult with an experienced work injury lawyer in South Carolina. He or she can help to ensure you receive the full benefits to which you are entitled.

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