Columbia Car Accident Lawyers weigh in on vehicle technology and distracted driving. All forms of distracted driving pose dangerous risks, which increase the likelihood of an accident. Distracted driving behaviors that can cause accidents include using a cell phone to talk or text, changing radio dials, eating or drinking, applying makeup or brushing your hair, and checking maps.

Built-in infotainment systems are a major cause of distracted driving. These systems place additional visual and mental demands on drivers, which can have fatal consequences. While any type of distracted driving poses a significant safety risk, a recent study from the University of Utah and the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety has found that certain car applications may be less distracting than others.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Researchers focused on two alternative infotainment system applications, the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. These applications allow a mobile device, like a cell phone, to connect to a vehicle’s built-in infotainment technology system.  Using a power cord or through wireless transmission, the mobile device can tap into a vehicle’s audio system and information screen. Drivers can then access navigation applications, such as Google Maps, from their cell phone rather than using the car’s built-in infotainment system. Music applications, like Pandora, also may be accessed easily.

The study concluded that both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto placed a lower level of visual and mental demand on drivers than the built-in systems installed by the auto manufacturers. These two applications created an overall moderate level of demand on drivers using these applications.

Saved Time

Both applications can preload addresses and browsing histories, which decrease the amount of time a driver is interacting with the system. Alternative applications like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which already exist on a driver’s phone, can be especially appealing to drivers who can easily navigate their phone’s technology. The alternative applications often perform better and faster than the native infotainment systems. Many of the alternative applications are free to cell phone users, which increases their desirability.

Manufacturers Prevent Application Interaction

Not all vehicles are designed to allow the interaction between Apple CarPlay and Android Auto with the vehicle’s infotainment technology. Some native infotainment systems created by auto manufacturers will lock the functions of alternative applications if the driver attempts to use them. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety hopes these study results will encourage auto manufacturers to allow the integration of safer technology to lower the visual and mental demands placed on drivers. Other manufacturers, such as BMW, charge users for the integration of alternative navigation applications like Google Maps.

The study warns drivers that using any application while driving remains unsafe. While some smart phone technology has reduced the level of mental and visual demand on drivers, any type of distracted driving can result in a car accident. Limiting all types of distraction while driving continues to be the ultimate traffic safety goal.

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