Columbia Car Accident Lawyers advocate for improved auto safety, including back-up cameras. Back-up cameras installed as standard features in cars may sound like a trending topic or luxury item, but they offer benefits that no rearview mirror can match. They improve safety and prevent potential car accidents from occurring. In March 2014, the US Department of Transportation and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) determined that by May 2018 all passenger vehicles such as cars, SUVs, trucks, and vans must include back-up cameras, which may eliminate the incidence of back-up accidents.

Each year, over 200 individuals are fatally injured after a back-up crash, and around 15,000 incurred personal injuries varying in severity. Children and senior citizens most often become casualties after these accidents at a much higher rate than other demographics. Over 30 percent of children five years or younger were involved in back-up wrecks, and nearly 30 percent of adults aged 70 and over experienced trauma after accidents of this nature.

Back-Up Cameras Save Lives

Once all passenger vehicles contain standard rearview cameras, the NHTSA estimates that up to 70 lives annually may be saved while using them. Not only will they protect individuals from fatalities, but they will prevent injuries associated with back-up accidents from occurring. Although checking rearview mirrors cannot hurt, back-up cameras provide a broader view of what is behind the vehicle for motorists, and lead to greater safety overall.

Safety at a Low Cost

Including safety features like back-up cameras sounds appealing, but it may induce a note of fear in drivers who need to purchase a new vehicle. When reviewing features during the process of buying a car, consumers may wonder what features cost the most to include, relative to how much they may want to pay. A high-tech camera, no matter how valuable and life-saving, may sound like a luxury. Despite the trepidation, the cost of installing back-up cameras in new cars is under $200, while installing a stereo system exceeds that amount by at least $100.

Expanded Vision for Drivers

Drivers who have been driving vehicles before rearview cameras became available may balk at the idea that a technological device could supersede the ability to physically turn around and witness what is behind the vehicle. With back-up cameras, though, the visual area observed is about 300 percent more expansive than traditional rearview mirrors. Additionally, the camera transmission removes obstructions such as back seats, pillars, trunk items, and passengers, which provides a clearer view for drivers.

Camera and Brake Technology Combined

There is another new feature that is not available in most cars but provides even greater security for drivers. These are back-up cameras that work in concert with the rear braking system, to further ensure that drivers avoid back-up incidents, combining the technologies and adding another level of protection. Currently, it is only present in five percent of cars, but this technology could reduce the amount of backup accidents by nearly 80 percent.

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