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Graham Newman: setting the record straight.

Graham Newman: setting the record straight.

So what are the best blogs out there for those of us interested in the law?

First of all, if you are truly interested in the law you must understand it for what it is: a set of rules designed to promote fair play throughout society. Fair enough: but that means that–if you are truly interested in the law–you also must know what is taking place in society!

To make a long story short, our list of Top 5 Blogs is not limited to those focusing on the law. And away we go:

1. Volokh Conspiracy

Volokh Conspiracy was founded by Eugene Volokh, a professor at UCLA law school who has the unique distinction of being both a computer scientist and an expert on the First Amendment. His blog existed as an independent entity for a decade or more before being subsumed within the Washington Post. But don’t be fooled; Volokh Conspiracy has a decidedly right-of-center (if not libertarian) bent. All contributions, however, are meticulously researched and difficult to contradict. Guest bloggers now number over 10 and include many influential law professors in topics as diverse as the Commerce Clause and the Second Amendment.

Without hesitation, we give Volokh Conspiracy our First Place vote.

2. SCOTUSblog

SCOTUSblog has become an indispensable piece of journalistic coverage of the United States Supreme Court. In fact, but for its limitation to cases and issues pending before the Supreme Court, we would award SCOTUSblog our top spot. Many of the contributors to the site’s posts are practicing attorneys before the Supreme Court, itself. Others are life-long journalists with experience covering the Court’s decisions.

Politically? Good luck detecting a partisan leaning from this website. It provides excellent factual and legal analysis for almost every single case pending before the highest court in the land.

3. Vox: CEPR’s Policy Portal

So: what wins a case? Evidence. And for many of the major legal issues pending before our states’ and nation’s courts, there is no better place to get cutting-edge evidence than VoxEU. Though focused mainly on economic developments in the European Union, VoxEU publishes–on a daily basis–global research on a wide variety of economic issues that would be accepted in a court of law as a “learned treatise.” The site is literally full of data to support (or defeat) your case. If you aren’t aware of it, you better hope your opponent isn’t, either.

4. Calculated Risk: Finance & Economics

But what about finance and economics solely within the American sphere? If that’s what you are looking for to support your legal position, begin your search with This blog primarily focuses upon the banking, real estate, and employment sectors of the American economy. Over the past 8 years, of course, these sectors have been the driving force in all of our lives. Want good referencing and fair commentary on these issues? This site is your source.

5. Political Wire

And finally, though we lawyers might want it to, the practice of law will never be divorced from the politics of the day. The best–and most even-handed–political blog in the land is Taegan Goddard’s Political Wire. The site reaches back into the early days of the Internet and carries with it the credibility of having evolved from the Clinton/Gingrich era, to the Bush/Pelosi era, to the Obama/Boehner era. Politics comes and goes, but Political Wire stays the same.

Graham Newman, an attorney with Chappell Smith and Arden, P.A., focuses his practice on non-traditional litigation in areas such as class actions and statutory claims. He also enjoys blogging on all areas of the law.

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