Columbia Truck Accident Lawyers: Truck Drivers’ Health

Columbia Truck Accident Lawyers: Truck Drivers' HealthA sensible diet and regular exercise can prolong life by thwarting the development of cancer and other serious health problems. However, studies show another surprising benefit for commercial truck drivers who maintain a healthy lifestyle. According to the University of Utah’s School of Medicine, a direct correlation exists between poor health and truck accidents. Truck drivers are four times more likely to crash when they suffer from three or more medical conditions simultaneously, researchers at the school maintain.

Unfortunately, the sedentary nature of a commercial truck driver’s job often exacerbates certain health problems that would be improved with exercise. Commercial truck drivers are commonly diagnosed with diabetes, heart disease and lower back pain. Although conditions such as these can be controlled with medication, sitting still for long periods of time will worsen symptoms. Additionally, commercial truck drivers are often far from home and settle for fast food meals, multiple times each day. As a result, these drivers routinely suffer from high cholesterol and obesity, further compromising their health.

These factors combine to increase the odds of a truck accident occurring. The University of Utah study, unveiled in January 2017, involved an analysis of nearly 50,000 medical records belonging to commercial truck drivers. Of those, 34 percent of study participants were diagnosed with at least one medical condition.

More Health Problems Lead to More Problems on the Road

Participants with the most checkered health history – 82 commercial truck drivers with three or more medical conditions – were deemed most at risk of being involved in a truck accident. These drivers are also most likely to be involved in a wreck that causes injuries, or an accident which could have been avoided. Researchers posit that the rate of crashes resulting in injuries among all study participants was 29 truck accidents for every 100 million miles traveled. However, the study maintains that the drivers considered most at-risk suffered 93 injury-related trucking accidents for every 100 million miles traveled.

The results were deemed valid even when researchers accounted for other potential causes of truck accidents involving injuries, including the truck driver’s age and level of experience. The research stressed that commercial trucking companies must take a careful look at an applicant’s health history before extending an offer of employment. Health conditions should not be examined in isolation, but should instead be viewed in combination with one another. Additionally, employers must consider the likelihood that a relatively minor condition could blossom over time into a serious illness.

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