Common Causes of Daycare Injuries – Infographic

Every day, millions of busy parents put their children in daycare. Daycare facilities offer a formal, structured environment where children can socialize and learn. Also, many parents rely on two incomes to get by financially, making daycare a necessity.

In order to ensure children are well cared for and safe while in daycare, each state has rules and regulations that facilities must follow. In South Carolina, daycare centers must be licensed, up to date with health and safety standards, and pass regular inspections. Daycare staff must pass a background check and complete OSHA-required training. A certain number of staff members with CPR and first aid certification must always be present as well. These requirements are intended to ensure children are in a healthy and safe facility and receive proper and consistent care.

When you drop your child off at daycare, you trust the facility to take good care of your little one. But one day you pick up your child from daycare to find that he or she was injured while there. Kids are active, curious, and not as careful as adults, making them more prone to minor bumps and bruises. But how do you know which injuries are innocent and which are a consequence of neglect or even abuse on the part of one or more daycare workers?

The Columbia daycare injury lawyers at Chappell Smith & Arden, P.A. provide this infographic that lists common injuries that can occur at daycare.

Columbia daycare injury lawyers at Chappell Smith & Arden, P.A. review common daycare injuries.

As a parent, your child’s health and safety are of utmost importance, and you do all you can to protect them from harm. If your child was hurt at daycare and you believe the injury is a result of daycare negligence, the dedicated Columbia daycare injury lawyers at Chappell Smith & Arden, P.A. will work hard to get the answers and the compensation you deserve. Call us at 803-929-3600 or 866-881-8623 or contact us online to arrange a free consultation.