Distractions in Cars Lead to Accidents

Columbia, SC Car Accident Lawyers discuss how distracted driving leads to car accidents. Drivers face many distractions behind the wheel. The baby crying in the back seat. An animal dashing across the road. The tractor trailer losing a tire. Obviously, these sort of happenings cannot be predicted. Yet they can have less effect on a driver’s ability to remain in control if preventable distractions are not at play.

Unfortunately, modern drivers indulge in plenty of distractions while driving. From using cell phones to fiddling with in-vehicle infotainment systems, drivers routinely lower their response times. And that is not good for anyone on the roads because it leads to higher car crash rates.

Car Accident Prevention Through Deliberate Planning

When a driver takes their eyes away from the road for longer than two seconds, they are putting themselves, their passengers, and fellow drivers at risk. In fact, just turning attention from the highway to something else for three seconds doubles the chances of getting into a car accident. Knowing this fact, drivers would be wise to plan for a focused drive by eliminating any predictable distractions before getting behind the wheel.

Turn off any cell phone notifications for incoming texts, phone calls, or application alerts. A cell phone can still be used as a GPS source through voice-activated control, but will not remind the driver of other notifications. Without the temptation to pick up the phone to check a text, the driver will be in a better position to react and respond to unexpected events.

Another way to remove driving distractions is to plan for any physical needs. Remove all clutter from the console and floor beneath the driver and passenger. Secure any objects that might roll off the passenger’s seat onto the floor. These simple measures can reduce the desire to concentrate on something other than what is happening outside the car.

Infotainment Built-Ins

Some car, truck, and SUV manufacturers have made built-in infotainment systems standard, such as the popular Apple CarPlay. While no driver should push buttons on infotainment systems while simultaneously operating a vehicle, AAA has deemed that lightning-fast infotainment may help drivers stay focused in certain circumstances.

Of course, drivers still need to keep their eyes squarely on the road. However, a pre-programmed infotainment system could allow them to change Sirius XM stations, call up navigation systems, and check the weather hands-free and distraction-free. Consequently, some infotainment systems may have a positive impact on safety if used properly.

Our society values the freedom to move from place to place. To ensure that we continue to be able to reach our destinations, we need to actively remove any expected barriers to the safest possible travel experiences. It all starts with just a few moments of planning to save those few seconds between avoiding a crash or becoming a statistic.

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