Columbia Car Accident Lawyers offer safety advice for victims of car accidents that lead to vehicle entrapment. All car accidents can lead to serious injury and death, but when a victim of a wreck is trapped inside their car, the risk of catastrophic injury and death are multiplied. Extreme temperatures, cars filling with water, and a lack of oxygen can quickly overcome a victim. Each minute a person is trapped in their car raises the risk of death. Knowing how to escape from car entrapment can save your life.

Side collision car accidents can crush doors and make them impossible to open. Front-end collisions can trap a victim’s legs or abdomen, making it hard to get out of the vehicle. Rear-end collisions can push the back of the vehicle so far forward that the driver and passengers become trapped between the seats and dashboard.

Overturned vehicles can leave people hanging upside down and suspended by their seatbelts. This makes it virtually impossible for the victim to release their seatbelt to remove themselves from the vehicle. Broken glass and shattered windshields may trap victims who fear extreme injury from deep cuts and lacerations. Broken seats and collapsed roofs can also trap victims.

What to do if You are Trapped in a Vehicle Following a Car Accident

The time to prepare for a car entrapment is well before an actual event. Knowing what to do and familiarizing yourself with your vehicle can prevent the catastrophic results that can happen from being trapped in a car.

  • Keep calm: Preparing yourself in advance of a car entrapment can help you avoid the fear and panic that accompany a car accident. Remaining calm will help you to think rationally and remember what tools you have available to extract yourself from the vehicle.
  • Know your car manual and layout: Be sure to read the owner’s manual for your car and familiarize yourself with the location of all windows, doors, and safety devices in your vehicle.
  • Electrical reserve: Electrical systems in cars can fail in an accident, especially if the car becomes submerged in water. Know whether your car has an electrical reserve to open electric windows in the event the system goes down.
  • Always carry your cell phone: A fully charged cell phone should always be available so that you can call for help immediately.
  • Alert bystanders: Honking the horn, setting off the car alarm, banging on windows, or yelling for help can alert bystanders that you are trapped in your vehicle and need assistance.
  • Carry glass breaking tools and seatbelt cutters: These tools will allow you to break a window to escape or release a seatbelt and free yourself from a vehicle.
  • Carry a first aid kit: If you are injured in a motor vehicle wreck, it is imperative to administer first aid as quickly as possible.

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