Helmets for Motorcyclists

Columbia Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Discuss Helmet Use Studies show that the number of motorcycle accidents with trauma cases have vastly increased since a helmet law in Michigan was repealed in 2012. The law made it mandatory for motorcyclists to wear helmets, however that is no longer the case. The repealed law allows riders to wear helmets at their own accord if they meet the requirements set in place, including obtaining proper insurance coverage, significant training and experience with riding a motorcycle, and if the rider is over the age of 21.

Researchers analyzed motorcycle injury data for three years before and after the helmet laws were changed. The data was gathered from 29 different Michigan hospitals and included reports on over 4,700 victims of motorcycle accidents. The studies showed that the number of trauma injuries more than doubled in accidents involving motorcyclists without helmets, from 20 to 44 percent. It also illustrated that riders who opted not to wear helmets were twice as likely to experience head trauma or a facial injury; a 28 percent increase in facial fractures and a 56 percent increase in soft tissue injuries. The reports also showed the rate of injuries increased from 25.5 percent while the mandatory helmet law was in place, to 37 percent with the appealed law.

Earlier studies show that wearing a helmet can prevent up to 40 percent of fatal injuries and 13 percent of nonfatal injuries. Facial injuries increased for riders not wearing helmets, including scrapes, bruises, cheekbone fractures, and facial cuts. Statistics show that one in three motorcyclists do not wear a helmet while riding, despite the safety risks. Investigators claim this number is higher in states without motorcycle helmet laws in place. Additional information from the study can be found in the June issue of the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal. The lead author, Dr. Nicholas Adams, has been urging state legislators to reinstate mandatory helmet-wearing laws to prevent the number of trauma injuries from further increasing.

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