Honda Smart Intersection Technology

Columbia Car Accident Lawyers discuss Honda Smart Intersection Technology. Driving is a convenient and often enjoyable mode of transportation, but it can also be dangerous. There are unpredictable events like a driver going through a red light or a child running into the street. Weather adds another element of danger and risk of accidents. Combine that with drivers who are distracted, driving while impaired, or violating traffic laws and you have a problem waiting to be solved.

Advances have been made in providing safer driving options. Autonomous vehicles that can handle some functions of driving independent of the driver have been developed. Some of these, such as assisted braking, are already commercially available. However, this technology has a shortcoming. It is limited to what a sensor on the vehicle can detect. Such systems cannot detect, for example, what is around a corner with a building on it. This limit of detection mean autonomous vehicles are not able to reduce many of the accidents that occur at intersections, where roughly 40 percent of all car wrecks happen.

Improving Safety at Intersections

Auto manufacturer Honda is developing a system called “Smart Intersection” technology that it hopes will fill the gap. The idea is to warn drivers in advance of hazards they cannot see. It involves a two part system. Wide-angle cameras are mounted on stoplights at intersections that provide a 360-degree image of action on the street up to 300 feet away. A Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (also referred to as V2X) detector and display is mounted to car’s dashboard. The cameras communicate with the detectors in the car.

A pilot study is already underway. A fleet of 20 Honda Pilot test vehicles has already been built. At a traffic intersection in Marysville, Ohio, the V2X system is being tested. Honda employees drive the cars through the intersection while proprietary object recognition software transmits the 360-degree image from the cameras to the detectors. The Smart Intersection can see 100 feet in all four directions at the intersection – allowing it to essentially see through buildings.

The fledgling V2X system is designed to detect an emergency vehicle, a pedestrian, and a red-light running car. It provides a warning sound and display based on the hazard that is detected. This gives the driver advanced warning of what he or she cannot yet see, allowing time to brake and hopefully avoid an accident. The concept can be refined in the future to become active rather than passive by linking it to automated braking systems.

The concept is new in another way. It requires public-private partnerships. A Honda spokesperson indicated that development of the system will need a high level of collaboration among the various stakeholders. The private sector, government, and academia all have a role to play in making transportation safer and more efficient.

Today car accidents remain an unfortunate reality. Victims of car accidents have many challenges. Don’t let finding a dedicated car accident lawyer be one of them.

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