How do I know who to hire as my attorney?


How do I know who to hire as my attorney?

I’m often asked about the best way to select an attorney, or to put it a different way, how do I find the best attorney for my case.  We’re all inundated with TV commercials, radio ads, billboards and internet spam making promises if we will call all 1-800-###-####.


You won’t find the lawyers from Chappell Smith and Arden in any of those places.  You’ll find us in the courtrooms and hearing rooms representing good people in deserving cases.  So I suggest the best way to see if a lawyer is the right one for you is to ask a friend. Then check them out on the internet.  Go to their website.  Look at their experience.  Look at their involvement in the community and their leadership among lawyers.

Look for the lawyers who teach other lawyers to be better at their trade.  Look for the lawyers who other lawyers look up to and consider outstanding in ethics and competency. Look at  See how our lawyers stack up.  Thirty-four years, thirty-four years, thirty-two years, eighteen years, and so on: that’s the experience our team brings to the table.  Bill Smith and Mark Arden are past presidents of the associations that represent injured workers (IWA, SCWCCA).  Mark Chappell is past president of the associations that represent those injured in automobile accidents or by defective products (SCTLA, SCAJ).

Ask for lawyers who are training other lawyers to be better at their trade by teaching continuing legal education classes, ours include Danny Vega, Jacob Born, Graham Newman, and Peter Leventis.  And the future of CSA’s leadership in the bar with Mark Chappell, Jr., elected to the House of Delegates of the South Carolina Bar Association and our two newest lawyers Maggie Chappell and Jamie George will bring Chappell Smith and Arden the next generation of advocates.  The past successes and leadership of the lawyers at CSA have laid the groundwork for an amazing law firm today and in the future.  If after looking at your choices of attorneys, the answer is clear – that Chappell Smith and Arden is the right law firm for you – then the only question is when?  How about now?  If we can ever assist you, a family member or friend who has been injured, please call 1-800-531-9780 or email me at and I will get you to the right professional in our group who can help you.