How to Prove You are Not at Fault for a Car Accident in South Carolina

Even though a car accident often does not involve intentional harm or wrongdoing, someone will still be held at fault for causing that accident. You don’t want that person to be you.

When you are held responsible for a car accident in South Carolina, you can be required to pay for the injuries and damages involved to the property damaged and the persons injured. If the amount exceeds your insurance policy limits, then you are personally liable for paying the rest.

The Best Defense is a Good Offense

When a South Carolina car accident lawyer can prove that you are not at fault, then someone else can be held liable and you increase your chances of recovering compensation to cover your pain and suffering, medical expenses, lost wages, and more. Therefore, the most effective strategy to prove that you are not to blame for a collision is to show why someone else is.

Evidence is Essential After a South Carolina Car Accident

To demonstrate liability for a car accident, you need physical evidence. The best time to collect evidence is right after the crash, so if you want an accident lawyer to assist or guide you through the process, it is a good idea to contact an attorney as soon as possible.

  • Take photos. An accident reconstruction expert may be able to determine a great deal from details that seem insignificant to others. That means you should take pictures of the accident scene from every possible angle and be sure to include obstacles that could obstruct views, skid marks, debris, road signs, and damage to the vehicles involved.
  • Talk to witnesses. As soon as possible after an accident, collect contact information from anyone who saw or heard the collision. Witnesses who are not affiliated with either you or anyone involved in causing the crash can be especially helpful because they are impartial so their words carry a lot of weight.
  • Get the police accident report. Make sure the police are called to the scene of the accident and obtain a copy of the police report. The statements and opinions in the report can serve as valuable evidence to insurance companies and provide you with information you can develop if your case goes to court.
  • Check phone records. If there’s a possibility another driver was distracted by phone use, try to obtain phone records to see if they show activity at the time of accident.
  • Obtain traffic camera footage. We live in a world covered in cameras these days.  If a public or private camera caught some of the action, try to get a copy of the footage before it is erased or recorded over.

In addition, it is a good idea to get a thorough medical exam as soon as possible after the accident. Evidence about the type and severity of your injuries could help demonstrate how the accident occurred. Moreover, medical records could be helpful in establishing damages as well as causation.

Work with an Experienced South Carolina Car Accident Lawyer

If you don’t act quickly to collect evidence right after an accident, it may not be available later. This is one reason why it can be helpful to work with a South Carolina car accident lawyer right from the start.

The experienced legal advisors at Chappell Smith & Arden, P.A. could help you preserve evidence to build a strong case to prove you are not at fault for a car accident and help you recover compensation from the person who is responsible. For a free consultation, contact us today.