A message from Mark Chappell

chappellsmitharden_markchappell-crop-u5336smallAs “Trial Lawyers“, we take great pride in the work we do and the results we have achieved. Every attorney, paralegal, legal assistant, law clerk and runner feels the same way about what we do and who we represent. The folks at CSA are the most honest and dedicated people I have ever worked around; everyday I see their hard work, compassion and empathy for our clients. I will put our team up against any other law firm.

I say that with great pride. Since this firm began in 1993 with two attorneys and two paralegals in a rented office downtown we have carefully and thoughtfully grown to 11 attorneys, 5 offices and over 35 employees by attracting the best and the brightest. We also screen our clients carefully so that we only represent the best clients, you. People who did not ask to be hit by the out of control driver, herniate a disc by lifting too much weight for their employer or contract cancer from dangerous products. No one wants the devastating effects of these events in their lives. When that unfortunately happens no one should be called “undeserving.”

Ask the wife and children of the steel worker whose husband and father died when an unsecured steel beam fell on his head and took his life if they are undeserving. What about the person paralyzed because they were struck by a drunk driver or the person whose credit has been ruined because of the medical bills the insurance company won’t pay? They deserve fairness and need a voice. Whether it’s a $3,000 jury verdict or a $10,000,000 settlement, the clients we represent are deserving. We are passionate about what we do and who we represent. I want to thank you for allowing us the privilege to represent you and your loved ones. You are deserving of the best representation available and we are proud to be “Your Law Firm!”