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New Ultrasound Technology Could Improve Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Diagnoses

New Ultrasound Technology Could Improve TBI Diagnoses

Detecting traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) – especially closed brain injuries that involve brain bleeding – may soon become far less difficult for medical professionals. That’s because new software, which is currently being developed, could soon empower physicians to see the brain – even from remote locations – and effectively diagnose TBIs.

How the Software Works

According to developers and researchers at the University of Aberdeen, the software will be able to develop a detailed 3-D image from about 2,000 individual pictures, which will be taken by a probe that snaps as many as 40 pictures per second.

Once the image is developed, the software will send it to an expert for immediate analysis. The results of this analysis are then transmitted back to the emergency responder on the ground/at the scene.

Commenting on this software, Dr. Leila Eadie, a researcher at the University of Aberdeen, has explained that:

Ultrasound is not normally used for imaging the brain, but we hope to prove through further investigations that it is a viable method of making an early diagnosis of head injury whilst in the field.

Potential Impacts

While this software has reportedly displayed promising effects in limited, clinical settings, many are hopeful that it will have broader, far-reaching benefits in the years to come. Some of the possible positive effects being posited include (and are not limited to):

  • A quick, effective diagnosis of TBIs – Both military and civilian applications have been suggested. For instance, in the military, this software could allow medics to immediately determine whether explosions, falls or other events have triggered brain bleed, even while the individual is still on the battlefield. In a civilian setting, this technology could allow doctors to serve patients who live more remotely.
  • Immediate delivery of TBI treatments – This can stop brain bleeding and other complications that may be life-threatening.
  • Better long-term prognoses for TBI survivors – Ultimately, a timely diagnosis and treatment of TBIs, especially the most serious ones, is integral to the best prognoses. With this piece of software expected to facilitate the diagnostic process and expedite the treatment stage, some expect that it could also, in turn, improve the overall prognoses for TBI survivors.

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