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‘Safe Cars Save Lives’ Campaign Looks to Promote Proactive Approach to Vehicle Safety


Today, authorities at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) are rolling out a new safety campaign, focused on informing drivers and vehicle passengers about what they can do to minimize their risk of traffic crashes and injuries.

This multi-faceted safety campaign, operating under the name Safe Cars Save Lives, will reportedly involve a number of events in various major cities, during which officials will:

  • Provide free vehicle safety checks
  • Disseminate various safety information related to vehicle maintenance and driving safety.

According to officials, the campaign-related events will kick off today in Florida, with additional events scheduled in a number of other states over the course of this week (and culminating in Texas on August 13th).

A Closer Look at the Campaign Events: Motivating Motorists to Be Proactive about Vehicle Safety

While authorities will reportedly be discussing a number of topics at the various safety events planned for this week, some of the topics that will reportedly take center stage include:

  • Vehicle recalls and recall repairs – Roughly 1 in every 4 vehicles affected by a recall is never repaired, as regulators have previously reported. This means that, every year, nearly 13 million vehicles in the U.S. never receive the recall remedies necessary to fix faulty parts that may contribute to traffic crashes, injuries and deaths.
    • During this campaign, officials will help vehicle owners identify whether their vehicle is currently the subject of a recall while also sharing information about how owners can proactively check if their vehicle is every the target of a recall in the future.
  • Tire safety – The risk of tire blowouts increases in the summer, when heat can put extra strain on worn down tires.
    • Part of Safe Cars Save Lives will involve sharing information about proper tire maintenance and how to limit the risk of a blowout this summer (or anytime).
  • Child car seat safety – Using the appropriate car seats for children, based on age and weight criteria, and properly installing seats can be pivotal to keeping children safe in the event of a crash. Officials understand that this “is no easy task” and that misunderstandings and oversights related to child car seats can put kids at an unnecessary risk of injury if accidents occur.
    • During this campaign, officials will be providing free car seat checks, as well as distributing information about how to select and properly install child car seats.

Highlighting the importance of this new campaign, U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx has explained that:

Summer road trip season is in full swing and we want car owners to stay safe on their travels and in their daily lives… We’re hitting the pavement and rolling up our sleeves to bring free safety checks to consumers because we believe that Safe Cars Save Lives.

Similarly, NHTSA Administrator Dr. Mark Rosekind has noted that:

We want to show people how simple it can be to take safety into their own hands. Taking a few minutes to run a safety check on your car, tires or car seats could help prevent a crash and save a life.

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