Amputations Injury Due to Car Accident

An injury that may result from a car accident involves the amputation of one or more limbs, such as a leg, arm, finger, or toe. Losing a limb is a traumatic situation for any individual that will impact the victim’s daily life, including inflicting emotional distress and lifestyle upheaval. Nearly two million Americans face this type of loss, and it not only affects their outward appearance but their ability to handle daily tasks and perform many types of jobs. Moreover, family members experience mental trauma as well and may need to assist the afflicted relative with household chores or contribute financially to help with any monetary obligations the family must now meet.

Undoubtedly, with a severe, life-changing disability such as an amputation, financial obligations may exponentially increase with the necessity of surgery, therapy, medical intervention and equipment, and extra care for the newly disabled individual. If the amputation resulted from a car accident due to another person’s negligence, an experienced personal injury lawyer can pursue compensation via a legal claim that will relieve the heavy weight of unexpected medical bills.

Reasons for Amputations

Nearly half of amputations occur due to car accidents and are called traumatic amputations, which consist of a limb that has been fully or partially severed from the body. Many times, the limb cannot be saved or reattached because it may be crushed or severely burned beyond recognition and must be removed. About 70 percent of amputations from car accidents involve removing the upper limb or arm, and male victims carry a higher risk of amputation than females.

Complications from Amputations

After surgery is complete, the patient will require extensive therapy to acclimate to the loss of the limb and may be fitted for a prosthetic once healing has progressed. Both rehabilitation and prosthetics may prove expensive, especially since some prosthetic devices may not be covered by insurance, but may speed up the recovery process and build the victim’s confidence. Filing an accident claim with the help of an experienced a car accident lawyer may help in paying for these medical expenses, which may be necessary throughout the lifetime of the patient.

No matter how successful the recovery process, individuals may experience complications after an amputation. Infections may develop after surgery and may delay the ability to wear prosthetics. Weakened muscles may affect individuals during recovery and interfere with their mobility. Furthermore, phantom limb pain may arise that causes individuals to feel discomfort where the limb once resided, and may require therapy to eliminate these feelings.  Understandably, emotional distress including depression and anxiety regarding their appearance may befall individuals.

Amputation Consequences

The adjustment period after an amputation may be lengthy and leave the patient feeling helpless and depressed. Individuals will need to relearn how to perform daily tasks, such as eating and bathing, as well as figure out when and if they may be able to return to work. If they lost a leg, they may have to learn how to walk or balance with or without a prosthetic. Individuals who lost multiple limbs may need to hire a companion or aide or learn how to operate a wheelchair, which may require home renovations.

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Amputations originating from car accidents disrupt an individual’s quality of life and necessitate extreme changes to a person’s lifestyle and daily routine. Our South Carolina car accident lawyers at Chappell Smith & Arden, P.A. understand the difficult transition accident victims must make after an amputation. If you need more information regarding what to do in the aftermath of a car accident and to explore your legal options, call us today at 803-929-3600 or contact us online. We assist injured victims throughout South Carolina including in Columbia, Aiken, Camden, Sumter, Orangeburg, Greenville, Florence, Beaufort, Irmo, Spartanburg, Myrtle Beach, Hilton Head Island, West Columbia, Rock Hill, Charleston, Lexington, Winnsboro, Summerville, and throughout the counties of Lexington County, Richland County, Sumter County, Charleston County, Aiken County, Florence County, Lancaster County, York County, Spartanburg County, Orangeburg County, Kershaw County, and Newberry County.