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Reimbursement After a Car Accident

Financial recoveries for car accidents are intended to restore victims for the injuries, damage and losses they have sustained as a result of a crash. As such, these compensatory damages can include awards for the following types of losses.

What types of things can I get reimbursed for after a car accident?

Intended to compensate victims for the physical and mental pain caused by a car crash, damages for pain and suffering can cover anything from temporary and permanent disability to depression, anxiety and disfigurement. Doctors’ reports and medical records can be helpful in establishing the extent of pain and suffering caused by car accidents.

Vehicle repair bills or the cost of replacing a totaled vehicle can be covered by awards for property damage. The cost of repairing or replacing other personal items that were damaged in the car accident (like, for example, cellphones or laptops) may also be included in these damages.

Punitive damages are awards issued to punish the responsible party (rather than to compensate a victim for his or her losses). Rarely awarded, punitive damages may come into play if the negligence that caused the car accident was especially heinous.

The possibility of punitive damages can be powerful leverage during settlement negotiations (as it can motivate at-fault parties to settle out of court in order to try to avoid having to pay these awards on top of the compensatory damages they’re already paying victims).

These damages can compensate victims for ambulance, emergency room and hospital bills, as well as surgeries, medications and medical equipment, needed to treat the crash injuries. They can also include awards to cover future treatment needs.

If the car accident injuries prevent a victim from being able to work (or if they cause a victim to have to miss work to treat the injuries), compensation for that victim can cover these lost wages – both past and future.

When car accidents have fatal outcomes, awards can include compensation for the costs of laying a loved one to rest.

Also referred to as “loss of consortium,” awards for loss of enjoyment compensate victims for the damage their family relationships have suffered as a result of the crash-related injuries. Commonly, this type of loss refers to the loss of physical intimacy between spouses.

Difficult to quantify, awards for emotional distress are meant to compensate victims for the psychological harm caused by an accident. Therapists and psychiatrists can be helpful when it’s time to establish the extent of emotional distress that crash victims have suffered.


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