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In a matter of seconds, an accident can cause catastrophic injuries, possibly changing your life forever. These losses can be especially hard to take if you learn that the accident could have been prevented had someone only behaved responsibly.

When another person’s negligent or reckless mistake causes you harm, the Columbia personal injury lawyers at Chappell Smith & Arden, P.A. are there for you, ready to vigorously advocate for your right to justice and full compensation. Skilled at holding negligent parties accountable in any legal setting, our lawyers have the experience and resources to succeed with even the most complicated personal injury claims.

Let our seasoned lawyers help you maximize your financial recovery after you or a loved one suffer a personal injury.

What is a personal injury?

A personal injury is any type of harm that affects a person’s physical body, mental state, or emotional wellbeing. For instance, whiplash caused by a car accident would be a personal injury, but post-traumatic stress disorder resulting from the accident could also be a type of personal injury.

When a personal injury is caused by someone’s irresponsible actions, the person suffering the injury may be entitled to receive compensation through a personal injury lawsuit. Most personal injuries are caused by accident. However, even though there was no intent to cause harm, if someone failed to live up to a duty they owed to others, they can be held liable for the resulting injuries.

What kinds of cases do personal injury lawyers handle?

Personal injury lawyers help clients suffering from a wide range of injuries caused by all types of accidents. Motor vehicle accidents are a leading cause of injuries where personal injury lawyers can successfully seek compensation for victims. Personal injury lawyers also often assist when clients suffer injuries on the job or harm caused by dangerous medical devices, slip and fall accidents, defective products, or negligent care in nursing homes or daycare centers.

Essentially, any time someone’s negligent conduct causes harm, a personal injury lawyer may be able to recover compensation for an accident victim. A person or company may be considered negligent when they owe a duty to the victim, they fail to fulfill that duty, and their failure causes harm. For example, drivers owe a duty to others on the road to pay attention to traffic. If they are texting while driving and that failure to act responsibly results in an accident, those drivers can be held accountable.

How do you prove a personal injury claim?

To recover compensation for an accident victim, a personal injury lawyer must prove that another person’s conduct caused the victim’s injuries. The lawyer will first establish that the responsible person owed a duty of care to the victim, and then present evidence to show how the person breached that duty and how the breach led to the accident and resulting injuries. Evidence might include photos of an accident scene, footage from surveillance cameras, or witness statements. It is critical to collect and prepare evidence to establish fault, and this is best done right after the accident. As time passes, the accident scene will change, it can be difficult to locate witnesses, and video footage may be lost or recorded over.

What is the statute of limitations for personal injury in South Carolina?

The state of South Carolina requires most accident victims to file a personal injury claim within three years of the date of the injury (though there are exceptions to this general rule). This deadline is referred to as the statute of limitations. In a medical malpractice case, the three-year time limit starts to run at the time the victim knew or should have discovered the injuries, and in a wrongful death claim, the three-year period starts at the date of death. After three years, accident victims lose the right to recover no matter how severe their injuries.

What damages are available in a personal injury case?

Compensation provided to victims in a personal injury case is usually referred to as “damages” regardless of whether the amount is awarded by a court or received through a settlement. After demonstrating liability, a personal injury lawyer may help a client collect damages for a variety of different effects stemming from the injury. These include amounts to cover economic losses such as medical expenses and wages lost due to time off work. A personal injury attorney would calculate the value of losses anticipated in the future as well as those already incurred.

A personal injury lawyer could also help an accident victim receive damages to cover intangible effects such as pain, suffering, emotional distress, and loss of enjoyment. If the harm was caused by deliberate actions or egregious neglect, the victim might also receive punitive damages intended to deter others from bad behavior in the future.

 The Personal Injury Practice at Chappell Smith & Arden, P.A.

At Chappell Smith & Arden, P.A., our attorneys have decades of experience bringing various types of personal injury cases to successful resolutions, including (but not limited to) those involving:

Our lawyers always tailor their services to meet your needs and the specific details and challenges of your case. However, we always strive to aggressively defend our clients’ rights in every legal setting. The experienced personal injury attorneys on our team are prepared to conduct investigations into the accidents or incidents central to the case, compile all available evidence, and retain expert witnesses such as doctors, investigators, and accident reconstruction engineers. We stand up to even the most formidable opponents on behalf of our clients.

Our Columbia attorneys are fierce litigators, as well as skilled negotiators, making them effective at securing the best possible outcomes for all types of clients in personal injury cases.

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At Chappell Smith & Arden, P.A., our attorneys’ experience with personal injury cases is backed up by their commitment to their clients. We are known for:

  • Being accessible and responsive – Our lawyers are available to address our clients’ concerns as their cases proceed, and we will always promptly respond to clients’ calls/emails so that they can get the answers they need as soon as possible.
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