Columbia Car Accident Lawyers discuss ways to make the roads safer for older drivers. A recent study has revealed that the number of American drivers aged 65 and older increased from 36 million to 41.7 million between 2012 and 2016. That suggests that our aging population is becoming more active. However, a higher percentage of older Americans are fatally injured in car accidents.

During the above-mentioned period, the number of older drivers fatally injured on the roadways rose from 3,741 to 4,204, which represents a 21 percent increase. In fact, according to TRIP, the national transportation research group that hosted the study, the fatality rate of drivers aged 65 and older is rising even faster than the percentage of all drivers. Part of the reason may be that older travelers are not as healthy as their younger counterparts. However, it may also have to do with road signs and other issues.

Improving Driving Conditions for Older Drivers

The consensus of the study was that each state should do more to make its roads safer for older drivers. It is believed that larger road signs with brighter lights, longer entrance and exit lanes, and more roundabouts to reduce turns across traffic would keep drivers safe, but especially those who are older. Since those with diminished eyesight and slower reflexes can experience greater challenges when estimating the speed and distance of other vehicles, these changes can make a big difference.

The suggested changes are cost-effective, and would eliminate the ambiguity of insufficient road signs, poor lighting, and other problems. These changes would create a roadway environment that is safer for everyone, not just older drivers.

Pennsylvania Makes Changes

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation recently took steps toward construction projects to create larger signs, rumble strips between lanes and on edges to keep drivers from veering out of their lanes, and upgraded road markings to stop drivers from going the wrong way on ramps. The department also reviews and approves courses provided by groups, such as AAA and AARP, for older drivers. The results speak for themselves; the fatality rate for drivers aged 65 and older in Pennsylvania dropped from 300 in 2014, to 279 in 2015, to 267 in 2016.

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