Columbia Car Accident Lawyers discuss consumer preference for safety technology over self-driving vehicles. Car companies that are spending millions of dollars on developing and testing self-driving cars may want to focus more on developing advanced safety features in their vehicles. According to the 2018 Cox Automotive Evolution of Mobility Study, consumers are less interested in self-driving vehicles, and more interested in cars that have effective safety features that will help prevent wrecks and keep them safer when they are behind the wheel. As consumers have become more aware of the complexities of self-driving cars, they have become less comfortable with the idea of allowing the vehicle to be in control.

While much of the consumer concern has to do with the recent accidents involving self-driving cars, the survey found that consumers who were unaware of these accidents were just as likely to want to drive their own car as those who had heard about the accidents. In addition, even though most consumers agree that self-driving cars need more real-world testing, over half preferred that the testing did not take place where they live.

According to the program manager for vehicle interface at Consumer Reports, consumers want to maintain control of their vehicles until there is more proof that self-driving vehicles are safe. They simply have not been around long enough to give consumers the confidence they need. Right now, they want their cars to be equipped with technology that makes them better drivers.

Top Safety Concerns Associated with Self-Driving Cars

As self-driving cars continue to evolve, manufacturers will continue to address safety concerns. The following are some of the most common safety issues associated with self-driving cars:

Traffic Accidents: The current infrastructure of our existing highways is not yet ready to accommodate autonomous vehicles. Roads, traffic, and other drivers are unpredictable, and autonomous cars may not be able to react to these sudden changes.

Hacking and Malfunction of Vehicle Computer System: A skilled hacker can easily figure out how to take control of the vehicle’s computer system, including the steering, acceleration, and braking. This can jeopardize the safety of the driver and the other motorists sharing the road. If the system experiences a malfunction, the vehicle could act unpredictably or come to a complete stop in traffic.

Increased Radiation Exposure: GPS systems, powered accessories, Bluetooth, and other tools that are equipped in autonomous vehicles can increase the driver’s exposure to electromagnetic field radiation (EMF). Prolonged exposure to EMG can cause a range of health conditions ranging from headaches and chronic exhaustion to fatigue and infections. Autonomous vehicles contain more electronic devices than a passenger operated vehicles, and all of these devices emit EMF radiation.

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