Columbia Workers’ Compensation Lawyers discuss safety to help workers avoid heavy machinery accidents. Construction workers perform extremely important jobs. Not many other workers brave dangerous conditions to support their families and build things that we all use and enjoy. Every year, approximately 150,000 construction workers sustain injuries on-the-job. Tragically, many construction accidents are fatal. Despite the inherent danger of heavy machinery, there are steps you can take to keep yourself safe.

Slow down. Even if you are working under a strict deadline, it is more important to get the job done safely than to get it done fast. Rushing while operating heavy machinery is a recipe for disaster.

Regularly inspect heavy machinery. Machines should always be inspected prior to every use and undergo a more rigorous inspection on a regular basis.

Take training seriously. If you are an employee, pay close attention to any training seminars or instructions that you receive. If you have questions, do not hesitate to speak up because it can make a big difference in getting home safe to your family at the end of the day. Every machine is different, so know it well before you operate.

Pay attention. Always stay focused on the job at hand, avoid distractions when operating heavy machinery, and be sure to take sufficient breaks and get enough sleep so that you can focus on the task before you. Not paying attention to what you are doing can result in falls from scaffolding, electrocution injuries, or injuries from being crushed between heavy machinery.

Become familiar with proper safety protocol. Talk to your employer about what you can do to stay safe. Have protocol to communicate with people on the ground while you are operating heavy machinery.  Keep an eye out for their safety, as well as your own. Read operating manuals prior to using a new piece of machinery. If your employer has a site plan, follow it.

Use equipment with rollover protective structure (ROPS) whenever possible or request it from your supervisor.

Rely on spotters to check your blind spots. Make sure that spotters are highly visible using lights and/or reflective clothing. Spotters should also be trained in the use of appropriate hand signals.

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