Richland County Car Accident Lawyers

Richland County Car Accident Lawyers

The Help You Need on Your Side

After a car accident, it may feel like it is you against the world. Dealing with insurance companies is never pleasant; and getting the help you need after such a traumatic event can be frustrating. In the aftermath of a wreck, you must first face the reality of your injuries. You will need immediate medical evaluations and treatments, and you will need to look ahead into the future to plan for what comes next. There may be continuing treatment or rehab. You may miss time from work. You may not be able to return to the job you were once able to perform. There are so many things to consider. Even daily activities that you once found easy may now present a challenge.

You will face a wide range of costs after a car accident, and you are entitled to compensation for those costs, including:

  • Medical evaluations
  • Medical care
  • Medications
  • Therapy and rehabilitation
  • Transportation costs to and from medical appointments
  • Psychological counseling
  • Pain and suffering – both emotional and physical
  • Lost wages – past and future
  • Loss of consortium
  • More

A car accident can happen in the most unexpected ways. From a rear impact while you are sitting at a traffic light, to being run off the road by a tractor trailer – accidents can occur in a wide variety of ways. The severity of the impact does not always predict the injury. Sometimes even seemingly minor collisions can result in lasting pain and suffering.

Common Car Accident Injuries

Back Injuries: A back injury can dramatically impact every face of your life. Strains, sprains, fractures, lumbar spine injuries and many other injuries can occur to the back, causing lifelong pain and suffering.

Head Injuries: From a concussion to a traumatic brain injury (TBI), even a mild head injury can have a huge impact on your life. Even when there is no physical sign of trauma, you can suffer a closed head injury. You may have to endure weeks or months of pain and suffering before you feel back to normal. In some cases, a TBI can impact your life forever.

Neck Injuries: Your neck is delicate, and any impact can have a dramatic effect. Injuries can range from painful whiplash to serious disc injuries. A neck injury may never heal completely.

Internal Injuries: Very serious internal injuries to the spleen, liver, lungs, heart, and more are likely to be fatal, even when there are no external signs of damage.

Facial Injuries: Facial injuries that may require reconstructive surgery can occur from a powerful impact, and there may be scars left by shattered glass or twisted metal.

Dental Injuries: These may include lost or damaged teeth, temporomandibular disorder (TMJ), and more.

Psychological Injuries: Many people experience a wide range of challenges after a car accident, including flashbacks, trouble sleeping, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Emotional injuries may not be visible, but they can have an impact on many areas of your life.

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