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As a worker in South Carolina, you are entitled to certain rights. Among these critical protections is the ability to seek out financial compensation when you sustain an unexpected injury or suffer an occupational illness over the course of your career. Attaining treatment and making up for lost income may not be possible without a legal settlement, so you shouldn’t delay in filing an official workers’ compensation claim.

Successfully supporting your claim in court may be challenging on your own, that is, without the help of a qualified attorney from the law offices of Chappell Smith & Arden, P.A. Their workers’ compensation specialists are prepared to provide top-notch legal advice and representation to injured workers across South Carolina. Altogether, no other lawyer serving Sumter and the surrounding areas can match this firm’s unswerving commitment to its clients – like you.

About Chappell Smith & Arden, P.A.

Workers’ compensation law and advocacy have been the beating heart of Chappell Smith & Arden, P.A.’s practice since its founding in 1993. As a result, thousands of workers and their families in the Sumter, SC, area can credit this law firm with securing a maximum injury-related compensation package to meet their present and future needs. This includes several multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements in our injured client’s favor.

Taken together, we believe that our decades’ worth of results speak for themselves. But even so, we are proud to say that we carry the clear endorsement of our former clients, as evidenced in our 10/10 client satisfaction rating on Avvo. Our Martindale-Hubbell Preeminent Professional Excellence award further gives credence to the high standard we maintain when representing our clients.

Chappell Smith & Arden, P.A. Practice Areas

No other legal firm serving Sumter and the surrounding areas possesses the bona fide acumen of our workers’ compensation lawyers. These specialists are naturally able to work with families while addressing occupational illness or wrongful death claims. In addition, Chappell Smith & Arden, P.A.’s lawyers are able to revive previously denied claims with precision and skill.

Regardless of your case’s nature and origins, you can expect this firm’s lawyers to always work with you in an effort to differentiate your medical and wage loss benefits. From slip-and-fall cases to workplace vehicle accidents and beyond, these specialists can handle every type of workers’ compensation case under the sun with an equal degree of passion and knowledge.

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Proper compensation for your occupational injury or illness is finally in reach, allowing you and your family to recover the day-to-day stability that you once held dear. If you’re still hesitant, know that, as a South Carolinian worker, you hold a rightful claim to workers’ compensation. Chappell Smith & Arden, P.A. can help you attain what is rightfully yours, starting with your first free and confidential consultation and continuing tirelessly until your day in court. To learn more about what Chappell Smith & Arden, P.A. can do for your workers’ compensation case, contact our office today at (803) 929-3600.