Signs it is Time to Contact a Daycare Injury Lawyer

Columbia, SC Daycare Injury Lawyers discuss daycare injuries and abuse. Daycares should be safe places where children are treated respectfully and lovingly by skilled workers. Unfortunately, some daycare environments can lead to serious harm of children. Whether injuries are physical, psychological, sexual, or a combination of all three, their after-effects can last a lifetime.

Families who notice any of the following signs of potential child care provider neglect, recklessness, or intentional harm should consider contacting a daycare injury lawyer as soon as possible. Obtaining representation from a lawyer well-versed in matters involving daycare negligence can help parents, grandparents, and other guardians highlight this serious problem and stop it from occurring to other families.

Behavioral Changes

Most children will occasionally display reluctance during drop-off at daycare. In fact, a little resistance can be normal. However, when crying becomes an everyday occurrence, or a child begs to stop going to the daycare, it could be an indication that something is wrong.

While this sign alone is not enough to allege daycare neglect, a child’s unusual mood swings should always be watched and documented. This is especially true if the child progressively shows greater fear about going to daycare, or if he or she suddenly withdraws at home or school.

Daycare Facility is Disorganized, Unclean, and/or Dangerous

Did you get an uncomfortable feeling the first time you walked into your child’s daycare? Perhaps you noticed that toys were cluttering the floor, or that cleaning supplies were on a countertop within reach of toddlers. These are signs that the daycare may not put emphasis on child safety.

Remember that a daycare with too many children and not enough workers is in violation of the state’s child-to-worker ratio. In South Carolina, the ratio for infants under one year should be one worker for every five infants. As children get older, the ratio increases.

Unusual Marks on Your Child

If your child comes home with marks, such as a bruises, cuts, or scratches, and the daycare workers cannot explain why, there may be a safety issue at hand. Even if the injuries are coming from other children or a violent child, it means the children are not being properly watched. The facility owners may not be actively hurting your child, but their negligence could end up leading to a tragedy. If you sense that your child has been shaken or treated abusively by staff or other children, you should not feel shy about talking to a lawyer.

Your Child Acts in a Sexual Manner

Children who are sexually abused tend to be more aggressive or act out sexually. They may even verbally discuss sexual concepts that are not age-appropriate. This is a serious red flag. Act immediately by making an appointment with your family doctor or pediatrician. No child deserves to be sexually assaulted by another child or an adult.

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