Columbia Car Accident Lawyers weigh in on deadly DUI accidents in South Carolina. It is not unusual for adults to partake in the responsible consumption of alcohol. In fact, between summer barbeques and office holiday parties, drinking has become something of a common social activity. However, it is when individuals consume alcohol and get behind the wheel of a car that they put not only their life, but also the lives of others at risk. Unfortunately for residents of South Carolina, this has become all too common.

Driving Under the Influence

Under the law, those who drive with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08 percent or higher are considered to be impaired. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, between 2003 and 2012, more than 3800 people in South Carolina were fatally injured in wrecks that involved a driver under the influence of alcohol.

South Carolina a Leader in Number of DUI Fatalities

For all age groups, South Carolina saw more than twice the national rate of deaths in 2012, with the same being said for the rate of deaths by gender. Tellingly, in 2012 survey, when it came to those adults who reported driving after drinking too much within the last 30 days, South Carolina under-reported the national rate. While 1.9 percent of those reported it nationally, only 1.6 percent of South Carolinians reported the same.

According to one source, approximately eight out of every 100,000 South Carolinians will be fatally injured this year in wrecks caused by a drunk driver. This means that South Carolina, which has about five million residents, will see at least 400 deaths annually. As of September 2018, the state is just four fatalities away from this number. By comparison, the surrounding states of Georgia and North Carolina are projected to see only half of the number of DUI-related deaths.

State Initiatives Attempt to Deter Drunk Driving

Certain initiatives have been put into effect over the years in order to deter individuals from driving drunk. These include not only drunk driving laws and media campaigns, but also measures such as sobriety checkpoints, where vehicles may be stopped and tests conducted, (which are allowed in South Carolina) as well as ignition interlock laws which keep the car locked if the driver’s breath is above a specified BAC level, and license suspensions, which vary from state to state.

In recent years, these dedicated efforts have certainly helped to decrease the rate of drunk driving and alcohol-involved fatal crashes, though the data has shown that drunk drivers continue to get behind the wheel millions of times.

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