Columbia Car Accident Lawyers offer advice to keep yourself safe in the event of a breakdown or an accident. Driving a car that unexpectedly breaks down on a highway or being involved in an accident are some of the most stressful situations a driver could experience. When an accident or breakdown occurs, the safety of the driver, car occupants and pedestrians should remain a priority. The following tips can help drivers avoid feelings of panic should an accident or breakdown take place.

Determine the Accident Location

Whether you need a tow truck to move a damaged vehicle or medical assistance at an accident scene, it is crucial to determine the exact location of the accident or breakdown. To provide clear directions for emergency help or tow truck operators, drivers should be able to describe accurately where they are situated. Using smartphone apps like Google Map can help drivers identify their location.

Notify Authorities Immediately

Calling for emergency help is often the first step in staying safe in the event you are involved in a wreck or breakdown. All emergencies should be reported by calling 911 as soon as possible to ensure the proper authorities and medical personnel arrive on the scene quickly. Whenever a breakdown or accident leaves you in any type of danger (such as a flat tire in the middle of an intersection), 911 is the first call to make. For less serious situations, drivers may wish to call a roadside assistance agency like AAA, their insurance company or a preferred garage, tow service or wrecker company. Keep these numbers in an easy to find spot such as your wallet or glove compartment in case of an emergency. Many drivers also preprogram these numbers into their smart phones for emergency situations.

Wait for Help to Arrive

Many accidents and breakdowns will result in the need for a tow truck or wrecker truck to come to move and transport the disabled vehicle. Trying to remove a broken down or wrecked car from a ditch or off a busy roadway can be extremely dangerous. Placing flares around a disabled car can help other drivers identify a problem on the road. Allow more experienced tow truck drivers and wrecker operators to do their job and safely move and/or transport the vehicle.

Keep Emergency Supplies on Hand

Remaining in your vehicle until help arrives may mean waiting out less than favorable weather conditions including cold and rainy weather. Keeping an emergency kit in your car with items such as a blanket, hat and gloves, emergency cell phone chargers and flares can help you stay safe. When cold weather dictates the need to keep your car’s heat on while waiting for help to arrive, be sure to monitor the car’s gas levels to allow enough gas to get to an emergency location if needed. When snow becomes a factor, also remember to periodically check to make sure the car’s tailpipe is not blocked by snowdrift. A blocked exhaust pipe can result in potentially lethal carbon monoxide poisoning.

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