Columbia, SC Car Accident Lawyers weigh in on summer distracted driving accidents. Everyone seems to agree–distracted driving is a serious public safety issue. Yet the risk of car accidents due to distracted drivers is on the rise. According to TrueMotion, the nation’s foremost smartphone telematics platform, drivers spend more time looking at their phones between the months of June and August.

TrueMotion conducted an in-depth study of 20,000 drivers over a year and a half. Alarmingly, this study found that drivers look at their phones while driving for approximately 15 minutes out of every hour spent behind the wheel. This is a 10 percent increase compared to driver behavior during fall, spring, and wintertime.

Reason Behind the Data

Many people go on vacation over the summer—and many of these vacations are road trips to unfamiliar areas. Voice activated GPS may not be accurate, or people may have trouble with the signal, thus causing them to refresh and reset their phones. Alternatively, people could be browsing the web for destination spots in towns that they are passing through.

Compounding the problem of summertime distracted driving is the fact that there are simply more cars on the road during the summer. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), people tend to drive 20 percent farther during the summer than during other times of the year. The increase in traffic coupled with increased cell phone use over the summer is a perfect storm for more wrecks and fatalities. From June through August, the rate of auto accident-related fatalities increases by about a third. That means that there are about 30 percent more deaths in the summer than during winter months. This is particularly shocking when considering that there are also more pedestrians walking around, and more construction projects on our roadways during the summertime, increasing the risk to bystanders.

When a driver takes their eyes off the road for just a few seconds, they forfeit the ability to react to their surroundings. Safety advocates hope that studies such as this will bring awareness to the problem of distracted driving, making it as frowned upon as drunk driving or failing to wear a seat belt. Advocates urge people to talk to their friends and family members about the dangers of texting while driving. If you see someone you care about texting while driving, talk to him or her about it. It not only puts them at risk, but everyone else on the road.

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