Tips for Avoiding a Wreck

Columbia, SC Car Accident Lawyers provide tips for avoiding a car accident. Each time a driver gets behind the wheel, they are putting themselves at risk for an accident. Not all motor vehicle injuries are serious, but they can certainly cause a lot of pain and suffering. There can also be medical bills to pay and missed time from school or work.

Today’s cars and trucks have more advanced, costly technology than ever before, and even a small crash can rack up high repair bills. In fact, around 20 percent of cars involved in accidents become totaled out by auto insurance companies.

The good news is that drivers can lower the chances of being hurt in a wreck by practicing defensive driving. Although it is not possible to control other motorists and other factors, dangerous situations can be avoided by those who employ smart driving tactics.

Vehicle Maintenance

When a car is well maintained, it has less chance of being involved in an accident. If an owner does not put oil in their car, it can stall unexpectedly and be rear-ended by another driver. A responsible car owner will follow the suggested service schedule, which includes changing oil, fluids, and air filters; getting tires rotated; attending to windshield wipers and headlights; and any other service items.

Defensive Driving

Because it is not possible to control other drivers, defense driving is the next best thing one can do. One of the golden rules here is to maintain a safe distance. Tailgating is a common factor in rear-end accidents. The trusted three-second rule is a good way to gauge following distance; most people learn this when they take their driver’s license test. It is also best to stay out of blind spots whenever possible. Other drivers may not see cars that are passing if they are in the blind spot. This is especially important when sharing the road with tractor trailers, as these vehicles have larger blind spots than cars. If a vehicle drifts into another lane or changes lanes abruptly, it can lead to a side-swipe. Again, keeping a good distance allows for a margin of error if a hazardous situation occurs.

Stay Aware of Road Conditions

Avoiding risky driving conditions can also prevent accidents. One clear example of this is bad weather. Listening to weather and traffic reports can make a big difference. If a snowstorm is impending, it makes sense to wait it out. Icy roads, high winds, traffic jams, and other conditions can all lead to wrecks.

Distracted Driving Dangers

The increased use of hand-held devices like cell phones and navigation systems have made distracted driving a main cause of auto accidents in this country. Most states, including South Carolina, have laws in place to combat distracted driving, and many are in the process of increasing driver penalties for those who break them. Other driver distractions include engaging with a GPS, rubbernecking to look at an accident, or simply turning the head to speak to another passenger. Practicing simple avoidance of these hazards can also decrease accidents and save lives.

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