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School may not be as safe as you think for children, as some of most basic equipment at schools injures thousands of kids each year.

This is according to researchers at Health Grove, who recently evaluated data from the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) in order to rank the most dangerous equipment and products at schools, based on the number of injuries they cause annually to American children. And their findings may shock you.

Items in Schools that Cause the Most Injuries to Children

  1. Do you know what items in schools cause the most harm to students? If not, check this list out, a Columbia SC personal injury lawyer explains.

    Playground equipment, which injures more than 60,000 children each year – Falling off of equipment, defective equipment and poorly designed playground equipment are among the biggest dangers to schoolkids.

  2. Rugs, carpets and other flooring materials, which cause more than 26,700 children to be injured annually – Tripping, slipping and falling is among the primary threat to students’ safety when it comes to floor-related accidents (especially those that are broken or poorly maintained)
  3. Stairs, which hurt more than 24,400 children in the U.S. each year – Falling down the stairs presents the biggest risk to students, and this is more likely to occur when stairs are not properly maintained, stairwells are not sufficiently lit, etc.
  4. Desks, tables and other furniture (not including beds and chairs) , which cause upwards of 20,600 injuries annually – Furniture falling on top of children or collapsing generally presents the biggest threat to students.
  5. Ceilings and walls, which result in upwards of 16,600 children being injured at American schools each year – Playing in doors is usually the biggest risk for kids when it comes to wall- and ceiling-related accidents and injuries.
  6. Doors (not including garage doors) , which cause more than 13,400 children to be hurt at school annually – Getting appendages or digits slammed in doors is among the primary causes of door-related injuries at schools.
  7. Couches and chairs, which harm more than 10,600 American schoolchildren each year – Falling off of these pieces of furniture tends to cause the most injuries to students.
  8. Lockers, which cause more than 7,500 schoolchildren to be hurt annually – As with door-related injuries, locker-related injuries tend to arise from getting digits or appendages slammed in shutting doors.
  9. Poles, which harm more than 5,800 students each year – Running into poles and poles falling on children generally present the biggest risks to students.
  10. Writing utensils, which cause upwards of 5,700 injuries to students annually – Accidental stabbings and cuts tend to be the main causes of pen- and pencil-related injuries to students.
  11. Knives, which cause at least 3,400 American students to be harmed annually – Not including intentional knife attacks, knife-related injuries at schools are typically caused by mishandling or misusing knives.
  12. Fences, which injure more than 3,300 schoolchildren each year – Broken fences, as well as those that haven’t been maintained, are most likely to harm students.
  13. Power tools, which cause at least 3,200 injuries to schoolchildren annually – Inexperience using tools, as well as tool malfunctions, tend to present the biggest risks to students.
  14. Bicycles, which hurt at least 3,100 students each year – Falling off of bicycles and getting hit by motor vehicles tend to be the primary causes of bicycle-related injuries to students.
  15. Other, non-power tools, which cause more than 2,900 students to be injured annually – As with power tools, non-power tools tend to harm students when these tools are mishandled or when they malfunction.

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