Columbia Car Accident Lawyers discuss ridesharing drivers willing to drive children without proper car seats.Ridesharing services offered by Uber and Lyft are becoming the normal mode of transportation for many Americans. Whether people need to get to work, to school, to a doctor appointment, or even to the supermarket, Uber and Lyft drivers can get them there. As these services grow in popularity, safety concerns continue to emerge, particularly in the area of child safety seats.

Recent investigations by news teams in Arizona and Michigan revealed that many Uber and Lyft drivers are more than willing to transport passengers with children even if they do not have the legally required child restraint seat. In fact, out of ten attempted rides in these investigations, only two drivers refused to transport passengers without the proper child safety seat. Those that transport children without safety seats are not only breaking the law, they are putting innocent children in a life and death situation in the event of a wreck.

Adult passengers traveling with children are responsible to bring the required safety seats with them when getting a ride with Uber or Lyft. If the adult does not comply with the law, Uber and Lyft drivers have the support of their company to refuse services. Unfortunately, many of these drivers are more than willing to take the risk of getting ticketed and possibly suspended from the ridesharing network.

Some of the Uber and Lyft drivers that were part of the undercover investigations admitted that they do not push the issue of a car seat unless the adult passenger asks for one. When investigators questioned these drivers about their policy, most responded casually telling them that they were willing to drive if the adult passenger was willing to travel without a child safety seat. One driver even told one of the investigators to hold tight to their child during the ride while another driver said he would drive carefully.

Company Response

In response to the investigations, Uber and Lyft corporate executives issued statements declaring that they expect their drivers to know local and state laws regarding child safety seats and abide by them. Both companies offered their full support to drivers who refuse to transport children without a child car seat. Lyft added that drivers who fail to obey the law on child safety seats will receive negative ratings on their driver service and risk losing their rights to drive for the company.

One of the problems in combating this problem is the lack of enforcement or accountability for driving laws. Drivers for Uber and Lyft are not monitored by routine or surprise inspections by company officials and are not under video surveillance. Had it not been for the independent news investigations, the problem may have remained a quiet but potentially deadly one.

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