Volvo Trucks Launches No-Accident Safety Initiative  

Columbia Truck Accident Lawyers discuss the launch of Volvo Trucks No-Accident Safety Initiative. According to data collected by the United States Department of Transportation, over 3,800 people suffered fatal injuries in accidents involving large trucks in 2015. Passenger vehicles are no match for the size, weight, and force of tractor trailers and other large trucks. To answer the high number of truck accident fatalities, global manufacturer, Volvo Trucks, recently launched Zero Accident Vision, an ambitious safety program. Zero Accident Vision employs safety training and technology to eliminate the most crashes from human error.

Understanding Truck Accidents

In 2015, the most recent year that crash data is available, the number of fatalities caused by large truck accidents was 22 percent higher than in 2009, the year with the fewest crashes on record. Truck drivers and passengers fatally injured in crashes were 34 percent higher in 2015 than in 2009. Trucks require more time than cars to stop. On wet or slippery roads, that distance increases. Without sufficient space between trucks and vehicles traveling in front of them, rear-end crashes are more likely. Because trucks are higher off the ground and weigh significantly more than other types of vehicles, smaller cars can become pinned underneath trucks during an accident. Laws regulate how many hours truck drivers can be behind the wheel, but research shows many drivers work more than they should, making crashes caused by drowsy driving a concern.

Zero Accident Vision

Volvo trucks are equipped with various innovative safety technologies to reduce crashes caused by human error. Large trucks are more prone to rollovers because of their high center-of-gravity. Using anti-lock braking and traction control, Volvo Enhanced Stability Technology monitors wheel and chassis movement along with driver input to intervene and reduce speed when a rollover is imminent.

Volvo Active Driver Assist is a standard feature on most Volvo trucks. This technology utilizes radar and camera features to detect stationary objects or braking vehicles in a truck’s path, alerting the driver and mitigating a collision. If the driver fails to respond, Volvo Active Driver Assist automatically engages the brakes. The technology also helps drivers maintain a safe following distance from the vehicle in front of them. While Volvo Trucks believe that technology is invaluable in preventing serious truck accidents, they also believe that well-trained drivers are a crucial part of Zero Accident Vision.

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